How to Use HGH?

HGH or Human Growth Hormone is used for anti-aging, body building and for weight loss to name a few uses for HGH. There are various forms of HGH on the market; there’s the standard injection, patches, and pills. Another question that comes up is how often should I take HGH and how do I cycle the supplement? One last question I hear is how much should I take?

Because of the effect that HGH has on the body, it’s useful for anti-aging because the body starts reducing the amount of HGH that’s produced when you hit 20. This reduction is the cause of body fat gain and slowed injury recovery. Bodybuilding uses HGH to increase the injury recovery speed and to help keep their body fat percentage low. Because of the effect on body fat HGH is used for weight loss.

There are various forms of HGH on the market. There’s debate on if the pills and patches are a stable form of HGH. The molecule of HGH isn’t a stable molecule; it’s reported that even shaking the liquid form of it too much will hurt the molecule. Because of this instability, the processing needed to turn it into a patch or a pill makes it possible that the molecule is broken. For this reason, it’s recommended that you only take HGH in injection form.

The recommendation is that you take 3-4 IU’s a day for weight loss, as low as 2 IU’s is recommended for anti-aging. Bodybuilding numbers are different because it depends on what the bodybuilder is trying to do. A body builder who’s trying to just reduce injury recovery time will use a lower amount of HGH compared to someone who’s trying to get ripped and bulk up.

If you decide to go the pill route, one pill is the equivalent of .33 IU’s, so three pills are roughly the equivalent of one IU. If you’re using pills and trying to get 3-4 IU’s a day into your system, that’s going to be a lot of pills at one go.

It’s recommended that you take HGH in the morning or no later than mid afternoon. The reasoning behind this is that your body releases it’s own HGH while you sleep at night and you don’t want to interfere with your HGH. If you’re taking more than 4 IU’s of HGH, it’s recommended that you take two doses of HGH, once in the morning and once in mid-afternoon. Typically only bodybuilders will go into the twice a day dosage range because of what they’re trying to do.

For the bodybuilders out there, or someone who’s trying to burn the body fat you can combine HGH with Testerone or anabolic steroids and get a powerful fat burning combo. If you’re using steroids, keep in mind that there are side effects and some sports have banned the use of them.

HGH isn’t legal in many countries for recreational and performance enhancing reasons. It’s only legal, by prescription, for a deficiency of the hormone. This means if you’re going to use it, you have to buy it through less than legal means. Something to keep in mind is that real HGH is only available as a powder, which means you have to use it as an injection.

If the legality of it doesn’t deter you, cycle HGH in about twenty-week cycles and don’t use it seven days a week. While you can use it seven days a week, most people see better results if they cycle it five days on and two days off, keeping the days off apart. For the best results, you shouldn’t go more than a day without using HGH.

There are many uses for HGH; it’s been used for anti-aging, bodybuilding, and weight loss to name a few. There are various ways to take HGH though the injections are recommended because the real HGH only comes in powder form.

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